Sterling Heights, Michigan Dental Insurance

Sterling Heights, Michigan Dental Insurance

Most people cannot deny a healthy smile and great teeth are one of the most attractive features of your face. Plus a healthy smile boosts confidence, overall well-being, and success.

Having the right dental plan is an important decision that can help protect your teeth. Great dental plans have coverage for many preventive services and can help offset the cost of many procedures. Most cover pre-existing conditions and allow you freedom to choose from a large network of dentists and specialists, and we can assist you with this.

Dental coverage options in Sterling Heights, Michigan

PPO, Preferred Provider Organization – Includes an annual deductible and annual maximum benefit and features lower costs if you choose a dentist within the plan's network. Seeing a dentist outside your network would result in an adjustment of benefits paid.

DMO, Dental Maintenance Organization - You are required to select a primary care dentist and receive all dental care from within your network .

Fountain Insurance Agency can help you find quality coverage at a reasonable price so you can enjoy the healthy smile you deserve! 

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