Are You Ready for Summer Travel?

Are You Ready for Summer Travel?

The pandemic has reshaped international travel and attitudes towards travel medical insurance. Now, 74% of international travelers intend to protect themselves with international health insurance, compared to about 50% prior to the pandemic. Furthermore, 75% of travelers surveyed said they would take more international trips this year compared to 2021, with 68% saying they already have 1-2 international trips planned. 

Many countries have requirements for entry, including proof of adequate medical coverage. The U.S. State Department encourages travelers to purchase supplemental short-term travel medical insurance. Most U.S. health plans do not cover medically necessary evacuations and may not provide direct payments to international hospitals and providers.

There are travel medical plans that include medically neccessary COVID-19 testing and treatment, medically necessary evacuation and repatriation, and global telemedicine services. 



Sources: GeoBlue Research, Benenson Strategy Group, December 2020



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